Sunday, May 12, 2013

Project No Buy: Week 12

Week 11 (May 6-May 12)

This week went by fast, I didn't do much in the way of makeup. I was feeling a bit ill with my allergies and I am not sure if I was coming down with something, or had a mild cold or something but my whole body just hurt and I didn't want to do much but sleep. I found the last color tattoo that I had wanted Seashore Frost at my local CVS, who knew the closest one to me would finally have a full display? I also picked up a Stila Smudge Stick in the LE color Turquoise(I think?), I really wanted that one and Periwinkle, Turquoise was sold out though, but I found it on Ebay and I got it in the mail Friday, I love it, the color is so pretty. That's it for my purchases. As the weeks go by and there are only three left now I looked back on how much I have spent so far, I added up from week one and I've spent $138.85 in eleven weeks, now this does seem like a lot, but I admit (embarrassingly) I could easily spend that in one month before I started this no/low buy. I am really learning a lot, and while I know myself and I know I won't be that good when it ends, I think I am going to make sure I am much better and be thinking purchases more thoroughly.

Purchase Total: $9 + $7.49 = $16.49

Money in Makeup Bank before purchases: $81.06

Money after purchases: $64.57

Week 13 Goals

Goal 1: Do one contest look, one face of the day and one review. *FAILED* I  hardly wore makeup at all this week actually, between allergies and feeling ill I wasn't much up to it. +$0

Goal 2: Finished up paperwork. +$5

Goal 3: Practice with my airbrush machine. *FAILED* I knew it would be a stretch but I am going to do it this week. +$0

Writing/Blogging. Seven blog every day in May posts. I am liking this challenge because it is getting me to think and write again. +$14

Art. None.

Reading.  Sisters Grimm: Book 10: The Council of Mirrors +$4 This is a really well written children's/YA series, it's a really fun read, I recommend it to anyone of any age. :-) I also started Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, haven't finished it yet though.

Empties. None this week.

Self Control. I did not go over my allotted spending this week. I also received my check from for using them when I buy online, an extra bonus for shopping smart! +$12.53

Makeup Account this week: $35.53

Makeup Account Total: $35.53 + $64.57 = $100.10

Goals Week 13 (May 13-May 19)

Goal 1: RETRY. Practicing with my airbrush machine.

Goal 2: I do need to wash all my sad I really can't think of anything else right now.


  1. I'm so sad when you end your No buy posts, I'll have nobody else doing it with me that I know!! There needs to be an organized list of other people doing project no buy haha

    Washing brushes is one of my goals this week too LOL

    1. Aww...part of me knows I should probably keep doing it, so I don't go crazy, haha, but I am going to let myself splurge a bit, especially since I am going on vacation and stuff next month, but who knows maybe I'll resume it again, it helps put things in perspective. Yes my brushes need washing, hopefully I can get to it this weekend...I've been too busy this week and my next few weeks are going to get busier and busier.