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All Kinds of Beauty

Beauty is everywhere. It's in the world's natural surroundings. It's in man made skyscrapers and city sidewalks. It's more than just fashion or what is on the runways at NYC Fashion Week or what is in MAC's newest makeup collection. It encompasses all walks of life, it is inspired and inspiring. Beauty is more than just what we see, it's what we feel, it comes from deep within our souls. We are all beautiful. And no I'm not talking about that cheesy line you think your parent's tell you to make you feel better. I'm talking about the true reality that each and every living soul contains beauty, to be yourself, whether you feel like an individual, or like one of the crowd, whether you feel like an odd-duck out or pretty and popular, just by being who you are is beauty. That's what is meant when we say, All Kinds of Beauty. There are so many different ways to answer the question, what is beauty?

About the Creator

Just your every day girl who became a little too obsessed with makeup? Yes, ok guilty as charged. But more than that, as I have delved into this crazy mixed up world of beauty I've seen more than just a bunch of "pretty" faces and more than just nameless people and brands, there is a real community out there, a large one of different ages, nationalities, sizes, colors, abilities. The more I have become a part of it, whether as a silent onlooker or an eager participant I have become more than just interested in the product, but also in the people that consume it and inspire it. Beauty is no longer just about fashion models, or for perfect looking people on the inside of magazines. I love that it has encouraged people to break down those stigmas and take beauty into their own hands. For me personally, it has given me a voice and creative outlet.

About the Blog

Here we hope to mix a little bit of everything because like we said...there's ALL KINDS OF BEAUTY! Whether it's a look of the day, face of the day, makeup challenge, indie review, drugstore brand, high end, skincare...we could go on and on! But also, let's talk about what's inside, what makes beauty more than just cosmetics or fashion. After all, all these things we create in this world come from one place, inside of us! Oh and I promise...we're not always this cheesy!


All Kinds of Beauty

"To be beautiful, is to be YOU."

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