Sunday, June 2, 2013

Project No-Buy Week Fifteen and Final Wrap Up

Week 15(May 26-June 1)

Well, I made it to the end. I'm pretty proud of myself because I really wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it. I learned a few things about myself in the process also.

1. I have a tendency to go crazy when I see the word SALE connected to indie cosmetics companies.
2. I see the words LIMITED EDITION (LE) and freak out and must purchase everything.
3. I impulse buy, especially at the drugstore, if I take the time to stop and think about a purchase I am much more likely to not go through with it.
4. If I see it for cheaper on e-bay/trade groups I'll buy it thinking I got a good deal.

I think the idea of rewards/allowance is a good idea. For me it encouraged me to do more of things I already enjoy but put off for one reason or another. It got me to start doing more, I still didn't work quite as hard as I think I should(but I'm like that haha) but it's got me thinking and building up to where I want to be. I think I may continue the idea, maybe alter it a bit more, but it's helped me from impulse buying and looking through things to see if I have something comparable before I buy. However, I am giving myself a pass in June, vacations!!

I did buy a couple things this week too, the new Milani shadow eyes pencils and a couple shadows from Shiro Cosmetics.

Purchase Total: $35 + $25.45 = $60.45

Money in Makeup Bank before purchases: $70.33-$60.45 = 9.88

Money after purchases: $9.88

Over the last 15 weeks I spent $203.62 on cosmetics, when I add it up it seems like A LOT. However, I know in the past I could easily drop $100 in one purchase at Sephora...hell during winter sales I could spend the entire $200 at once(yes this is embarrassing to admit). So, I am sort of proud that I decreased my spending by a lot. I think if I stop buying every time I see an indie company have a sale, my impulse purchases of $15 here and $20 there will help a lot. It seems like such a small amount when it's only 10 bucks here and there but when you add it up ad the end of the month it's quite a chunk of change. No wonder my savings account is growing!

I highly recommend trying a no-buy or an altered no-buy/low-buy. It really helps!