Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Day 7

The thing(s) you are most afraid of.
I learned a long time ago fear is not worth it. Sure I can say I am afraid of spiders, or creepy crawly bugs, big dogs that jump out at you or strangers passing me on the street. But those aren't fears, not real fears. If those are the only things you fear, I would say you are doing pretty good for yourself. It's ok to jump when you see a daddy long legs in your shower, or when a dog jumps at you on its leash. But the real fears, the ones people don't want to talk about, the hards ones like being alone, failing, death, those are the fears to squash out, those are the ones that we have to remember not to listen to. I've lost a lot of people in my life, I've been through a lot of things that could have caused me to be lost, but I'm not. I guess my point it, there is no use being afraid of things you can't control. Use that time instead to enjoy your life. Don't have a SO? Enjoy doing all the things you can do while you are just you. Fail at something? Remember just trying is a great achievement. And death, death is just part of life, don't fear it because it is something you cannot control. Just live life every day and at the end you will have no regrets. If there was one thing I feared in life is leaving my parents too soon, but I'm not afraid for myself but for them. Damn how this blog post get so serious? haha.
What are YOU afraid of?


  1. Ahh this doubles as such great advice <3 I don't think I believe your distinction between 'fears' and 'things you fear' because in my opinion, the things you fear are still fears. Sure, some are more serious than others, but they are all legitimate fears. You can't really separate the two and prioritize one over the other in my opinion!

    1. This is true! Some people do have serious fears of actual things. I've never been on of those people though so I do forget a thing can paralyze a person, such as a fear of heights. But for me personally that's not the kind of fears I've ever dealt with in my life, except when I was little and I was afraid of needles! But I worked through that, so I guess for me a fear I can control and one I can't are different things, I'm not saying that's true for everyone, only myself, which was how I looked at the question.