Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Day 10

Most embarrassing moment(s). Spill.
I am sure that I have had many, many embarrassing moments, but I can't think of a darned one of them. It could be because as of late I don't do a ton of things in public settings. Or perhaps because I don't do much without people close to me anymore. There was a time when I could fill up a novel with embarrassing moments, or things I have said, but I can't think of any at the moment. When I do I will return to this question....


I've got it...well one. this happened about...12 years ago now? It was my first summer as a camp counselor(yes it's one of those stories) and a little nervous about meeting new people. Well, the week started off well, we were a small group since it was the first year of camp and all the counselors got along pretty well, hanging out after the kids went to bed. Well, one night, everyone is hanging out in the dining hall and a couple of us are out on the patio, I don't really recall what we were talking about, but three of us outside were joking around, the next thing I know one of the female counselors comes up behind a male counselor and decides to pants him, in front of me...well...more than just his pants came down....pretty much everything came down, if you get my drift. I kind of stood there shocked for a moment, looking at both of them, her hand covering her mouth and him trying to grab his pants. We joke and laugh it off, she swear she didn't mean for that to happen and he jokes about the view and I swore up and down I didn't see anything because his shirt was long...or I just blacked out. Well, as if that wasn't enough, I returned to the dining hall with a mortified look on my face, everyone asking what happened. The story got around camp and for the rest of the week I got asked if I saw Wei's Wang (his last name was Wei- sorry if you happen to read this dude). Yep. That was mortifying I have to admit.


  1. Oh gosh that sounds more embarrassing for him than for you LOL. Still a funny story though! Made camp memorable for you all I'm sure.

    1. See, he was the kind of guy who could joke about everything but I was embarrassed because I'm shy around new people so it made me feel even more awkward, plus everyone took it upon themselves to tease me all week about it, that was probably the more embarrassing part, LOL.

    2. Aww I get it, I was like that when I was younger haha! It's really funny in retrospect though, isn't it? Once the embarrassment wears off

    3. Oh now looking back it's totally hilarious! haha.

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