Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Day 19

Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.

I am sure it's not going to come as a huge surprise that most of the blogs I love are beauty blogs, don't get me wrong I actually have a ton of other interests, hah, but when I am online it's usually checking out beauty blogs or  youtube clips.

Temptalia- probably hands down my favorite beauty blog, it's so well organized, detailed, descriptive and rankly has saved me a lot of time and money.

Phyrra- I absolutely love, she's the Temptalia of the Indie world for me, she does a lot of reviews of Indie makeup brands as well as mainstream ones, I really love her looks and she's much more similar to my skin tone so it helps seeing her reviews.

She's Digital- My beautiful friend Monique writes and shares her experiences on life, she took a break from posting but hopefully will be back more frequently. Her pictures are beautiful.

"EB"ing a Mommy- A wonderful "mommy chronicle" of a young mother and the beautiful and devastating look at the too short life of her baby boy and what it's like to outlive your child.

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