Saturday, May 25, 2013

Project No-Buy Week Thirteen

Week 12 (May 13-May 19)

*NOTE* I should have posted this on Monday but yay me, came down with a lovely stomach bug for the week.

This week was so busy. I took pictures at my Mom's best friend's(basically my auntie) wedding shower. Her first marriage!! She so deserves happiness. It turned out really great, I had a lot of fun taking pictures, I finally picked up a 50mm lens for my Nikon and I don't think I'll ever take it off again! Well, I probably will, but I really love it, it's the exact kind of lens I have been wanting and I finally don't hate my camera, haha, seriously, my dslr and I have a love-hate relationship. All I need now is a tripod and I'll be set...and maybe a 35mm lens. ;-) I did some nice makeup for the party but as soon as I went outside my eyes just started crying, allergies. All week, every time I went outside my allergies just kicked up. I finally went to the doctor and she prescribed some allergy medication, I really hope it helps or I am never going to be able to put on eye makeup this spring or summer! Everyone I run into seems to be having the same allergy issues this year, they are so bad. I also finally started getting into airbrush foundation, I've had my machine forever but I don't ever allow myself time to learn it properly, but now I am. As far as purchases I got the new MAC blush in Ripe for Love and the Pro-longwear bronzer from the new summer collection. I have never ever used bronzer, it scares me frankly, I am so pale, but I have heard good things about the pro-longwear one so I thought why not try it for summer! And I love peachy-coral blushes, they are my weakness. *sigh* I also picked up the other LE Stila Smudgestick in Periwinkle, I love the unusual colors this spring. I am still on the lookout for a really good mint green shadow though. I guess I have blabbed on enough here...only two weeks left of my no-buy. I may continue it just another week or two after since I am leaving for NYC on the 12th and plan on doing some serious shopping! Plus I am 90% sure I will be going to PHAMEXPO in Southern California at the end of June, I really want to save up a bit. But there are just a feeew indie shadows I want to pick up, so we'll see how good I can really be!

Purchase Total: $9 + $57.77

Money in Makeup Bank before purchases: $100.10

Money after purchases: $33.33

Week 13 Goals

Goal 1: Practice with my airbrush machine. *COMPLETED* I finally broke it out and am teaching myself. +$5

Goal 2: Clean my makeup brushes. *COMPLETED* All 1000 of them...ok maybe not that many, but it sure feels like it sometimes. I love my scrubby board. +$5

Writing/Blogging. Seven blog every day in May posts. I am liking this challenge because it is getting me to think and write again. I also started my personal blog because posting all these non-makeup entires on here seemed off...and I have been meaning to start one, so this figured like an appropriate time. You can check it out here: Once Upon a Time...And Other Lies Our Parents Told Us... +$14

Art. None.

Reading.  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn +$4 Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel...yeah I had to finish the series. +$4

Empties. None this week.

Self Control. I did not go over my allotted spending this week.

Makeup Account this week: $27.00

Makeup Account Total: $33.33 + $27.00 = $60.33

Goals Week 14 (May 20-May 26)

Goal 1: Upload all of the photos from the wedding shower and open a group for everyone to share their pictures.

Goal 2: Transfer files from my old laptop onto my portable hard drive.

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