Monday, May 6, 2013

Project No Buy Week 11

Week 11 (April 28-May 5)

This week was so incredibly warm that every time I tried to attempt putting on makeup I stopped because my face would start sweating. Not attractive. I really wanted to wear makeup too! I managed about three days, two with pretty simple looks and finally by the weekend it cooled off and allowed me a little bit of fun. And to top it off this week all around was kind of a bummer, some negative family stuff and personal things came up. When that happens I usually make myself feel better by doing what I do best...BUYING ALL THE MAKEUP!! But I did my best to control myself. I did want to take advantage of Victorian Disco Cosmetics 35% off sale, probably the last big one she has before she goes on vacation. I picked up a couple mini jars, so with the discount I only ended up spending $13.24. Plus MAC came out with their Art of Eyes collection(or something, haha) and I had really wanted to check out their fluidliner brow gel back when it first launched, so I picked that up this week too. I think that's about it, I managed to control myself pretty well. OK...on the makeup front, haha, I did go out and splure on a massive amount of comics during Free Comic Book Day. Went in to get two free comics, came out with about 15 others, haha! Oh well. I tried. ;-)

Purchase Total: 13.24+17.44= $30.68

Money in Makeup Bank before purchases: $61.18

Money after purchases: $31.50

Week 10 Goals

Goal 1: Do one contest look, one face of the day and one review. *FAILED*  I did one review and one look but not a contest look. Every time I tried putting on makeup it melted off. LOL. +$0

Goal 2: Work on Intern application and volunteer application and back paperwork. *COMPLETED* I managed to get through most of it, now I just have to get over to my old school and acquire some paper work and signatures. Plus some more paperwork came up today, but I did what I had planned. +$5

Writing/Blogging. Five Blog every day in May blog posts, one brush cleaner review, one face of the day. I'm on a roll! This blog every day in May is giving me some inspiration. +$14

Art. None.

Reading.  None. *shameface* This is the first week I haven't read anything new! I finally finished A Casual Vacancy and I am not sure what to read next, plus I got sucked into some shows on DVD.

Empties. None this week.

Self Control. I did not go over my allotted spending this week. I also received my check from for using them when I buy online, and extra bonus for shopping smart! +$30.56

Makeup Account this week: $49.56

Makeup Account Total: $31.50 + $49.56 = $81.06

Goals Week 12 (May 6-May 12)

Goal 1: RETRY. Do at least one contest look, a face of the day and a review.

Goal 2: Finish the last of my paperwork.

Goal 3: I am adding a third goal, we'll see if I get to it. I want to become proficient in using my airbrush machine, so begin practicing with it this week.


  1. Wooo I shopped VDC's 35% off sale too!! Nice post, try to review how the mac brow gel thingy works...I currently use NOTHING on my brows and have been told that is blasphemous. I'm now sorta shopping around for brow products haha

    1. I will definitely review it! I am the same. *shock* My mom is an esthetician and I still am a noob at brows. haha. She only starting plucking and shaping mine last summer, she always said I had "perfect brows" but now I am becoming slightly obsessed with making them look right, LOL. Right now all I use is clear brow gel from anastasia, it's good. But I wanted to add some color. sometimes I use a dark brown shadow to fill in but I always forget my brows half the time, haha.

      I got 3 of the shadows from the still a better love story collection, another shadows from the Interwebz and a couple from the new collection. :-D

  2. I started doing my brows an half the time I forget till I'm on the road. Then it bugs me all day. Love your goal list. Think I might set myself one up to encourage myself an love the makeup fund idea part. Tnx

    1. Same here! Or I look at myself in a picture and go, jeez I forgot to do my brows! Good luck setting up your goal list, it really works! (most of the time! haha) It has helped me cut back on excessive spending quite a bit though, so that's good!

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