Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Project No Buy Week 2

Week 1 (February 25-March 3)

Well, this week I came down with a cold, which also went into my eye, so no makeup was allowed to touch my eye for the week. Total bummer, although I was too tired to really want to do anything for the most part as it was.The one positive thing I suppose was it kept me from really thinking about buying anything this week! Aside from the normal daily stuff I had to get done I pretty much stayed off my feet and rested this week.


Being sick made it easier not to buy anything this week, haha. Granted I only had twenty dollars in my account which made me second guess everything as it was, any time I thought about something I was interested in(say a new eye liner) I re-analyzed my thought, reminding myself that even a small purchase wasn't worth it if something I really want comes along and I haven't saved up enough. So I guess it's working to make me think about purchases!

Week 1


Goal 1: 2 makeup looks. FAIL. Since I was sick all week and my eye was affected, no makeup. :-( +0
Goal 2: Organizing. FAIL. Again, being sick most of the week I didn't go beyond the things I HAD to do, classes and such. +0

2. Writing/Blogging. +0

3. Art. Nothing this week. +0

4 Reading.
Stephanie Plum: Seventeen 156 pages- +2
Stephanie Plum: Explosive 18: 302 pages- $4
Stephanie Plum: Notorious 19: 356 pages- $4

Being sick has some advantages, I read a bit!

5. Empties. No empties this week. +0

6. Self Control. Didn't buy anything! Being sick again has it's advantages, I didn't shop or spend.

Makeup Account This Week: +$10

Makeup Account Total: $30

Goals Week 2

Since I failed both goals for last week, I'm going to put them up again for this week since I am feeling better now. :-)

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