Monday, February 25, 2013

Project No-Buy Week 1

Week 1 (February 18-24)

Well, this has definitely been harder than I thought! Mainly because I am just used to impulse buying, see a sale? Buy! A new collection? Get it RIGHT NOW! I'm learning I have to stop and think, plan out what I *really* want and then, save. Plus I have to figure out what I want as opposed to what I want right now, just because I see it. I am learning(slowly) that tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, I don't really need it or want it as much as I thought.


Well I had zero to spend so as hard as it was I bought nothing. Although, I am still getting items I purchased the weeks prior in the mail, so it doesn't feel completely real yet I suppose, although the not buying is hard and I am tempted frequently. Sad as it is, shopping is my coping mechanism for stress, and the last two weeks hav been full of stress! I am learning other ways. So that's a good thing, right?!

Week 1


Finish organizing my makeup. This I did do, but I am still waiting for my vanity to be finished, my dad had to take it home for some adjustments, so my makeup is not all in it's final spot, but everything is in it's drawer/container. +5 (Blog post will be up tomorrow after I try and get pictures with my camera, both my cameras decided to nosedive on me this week :-/)

Playing catch up, since I was gone all the week before I had so much to catch up on and luckily somehow I did manage to finish my to do list. I honestly don't know how I did that, but I did. +5

2. Writing/Blogging. I did manage to put up THREE blog posts this week I think. Surprising even myself! +6

3. Art. Nothing this week. +0

4 Reading. I'm in the middle of two *fun* books. Naked Heat and Stephanie Plum Smokin' 17. 300 pages. +4

5. Empties. No empties this week. Although my foundation is getting close and I think my lip balm is at it's last squeeze. +0

6. Self Control. Didn't buy anything!

Makeup Account: $20

Goals Week 2

1. Post two makeup looks and a review to my blog.
2. I have been avoiding cleaning out my dresser and folding everything neat and proper, so I am going to attempt that, it sounds easy, but trust me, if you saw it, you would think otherwise. :-P

Well w'll see how week 2 goes!!....remember to Stay Beautifully You!

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