Monday, February 25, 2013

Koren Zander ENKORE Makeup Brush Soap

5 EKZ Brush Soap

I've been looking for something to clean my brushes with, usually I use my Philosophy face wash and it works well enough, but I am not sure how deep cleaned they truly get. I was reading through posts after IMATS and kept reading positive things about Enkore Makeup's new brush soap. For $6 you get a bar of soap, of which, on one side has a scrubby loufah that gives your brushes a little deep cleaning action. I though for 6 bucks why not give it a shot? Especially after seeing Sigma Beauty's new brush scrubber where they are charging over $30! Along with the brush soap I decided to invest in his brush hot oil treatment, used for natural bristle brushes only, it is supposed to help them maintain their luster and last longer. Kind of like giving your hair a hot oil treatment! So for $18 plus shipping I got the soap, hot oil treatment and a free lip glaze. Not bad! Onto the review!

First Impressions: Holy cow this smells good!! Just opening the box I could smell this amazing aroma coming from the soap. Usually I am NOT a fan of scents, but this one is wonderful. The packaging was cute, black and white floral, everything was wrapped nice and secure.

5 EKZ Brush Soap
Key Ingredients: Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil,
Sweet Almond Oil, Passionfruit (Brazilian Maracuja) Oil and Jojoba Oil.

How to Use: Dampen your brush and swipe it across the soap until the brush runs clean, now if you wash your brushesas often as you SHOULD(which I don't! LOL) it should only take a few swipes. After I swipe it through the soap I rinse it under water until it runs clean, if you feel the need, swipe it again until you feel it is clean. If the brush is extremely dirty, such as a foundation brush, after you swipe the brush over soap use the reverse side which is a loofah to scrub more deeply.

My Thoughts: I really hate washing brushes, but I think this soap makes it easier, of course I think I need learn how to use it better, once it gets wet it's quite slippery! But overall it's a great tool. It makes washing a lot easier, a lot less pruny hands running under water and the water ran clean after a few swipes across the bar. Depending on how often you wash your brushes this bar will last you a while, and for $6 you can easily stock up on a few. :-) I got the soap in the scent tangerine, but there are a lot to choose from, including unscented in case you are sensitive to scent. One thing it could use, a container to hold it in.

5 EK Brush Soap Rating: A+
Customer Service: A+ Great packaging and fast shipment.

Where to purchase:; $6

Stay tuned for a review of the Deep Conditioning Brush Treatment and Stay Beautifully You!!

Disclaimer: All products were bought by All Kinds of Beauty for review.

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