Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project No Buy Week 9 and 10

Week 9 and 10(April 17-27)

I combined a week and a half for this post because I got a new laptop finally! Which if you refer to my first No Buy Post one of the things I was saving for was a new laptop so yay! I'm in the process of transferring files and such, plus my lack of camera issue is now solved as I have a new point and shoot. Now onto the makeup!

Found almost all the LE Maybelline Color Tattoo's I wanted! It was quite the hunt, every store was pretty much wiped clean if they had the display set up yet. I finally found a semi-stocked Rite Aid. If you are ever hunting for something LE, dig around the permanent items, I found two of them behind the permanent rows of Color Tattoo's. I managed to get Cool Crush, Lavish Lavender, Shady Shores, Precious Pearls and Blue Paradise(the last two found at CVS). AND they were all Buy 1 Get 1 half off thankfully. I have to say I am truly amazed at the price differences I found at the three stores. BB&B they were only $4.99, while at Rite Aid they were $6.99 and lastly CVS $7.49! Amazing. While at Rite Aid I also found a miraculously full stock of Wet'n'Wild lippies that I can never find at any of my local stores, so I got 24 Carrot Gold megalast lipstick.

Monday, the 21st, was also the last day of Sephora's Chic week and I wanted to grab a couple things, including my face wash which I'm almost out of, unfortunately the one thing I really wanted, the new UD liner's were OOS, so I ended up not buying anything! I can't believe a sale went by and I spent nothing. Kind of crazy for me. However I ended up finding out about the makeup exchange on (Thanks to Nail Sparks!) so I got the three liners for $12 each, way less than even the 15% off at sephora. Plus I managed to get three 3oz Philosphy Purity on ebay for 17.99, again cheaper than the sale, so I feel pretty good about saving at least even though it doesn't count towards my spending because I used up my previous one and had no other face wash and it is an essential.

What were people saying about me being so disciplined? ;-P But I take into account the first eight weeks I really didn't buy anything, and have stayed within my earned money and followed my rules. I am finding I am wanting things a little less as time goes on, I hope I can keep it up after the end of May.

Purchase Total: 33.71 + 36= $69.71

Money in Makeup Bank before purchases: $120.03

Money after purchases: $51.68

Week Nine Goals

Goal 1: Four blog posts. *Failed* +$0 I did have four written out but I haven't been able to take the pictures for all of them, *fail* so hopefully I can do that now that I got my new point and shoot working.

Goal 2: Spring cleaning. I cleaned the cabinet, fridge and freezer of anything old or past expiration dates, the kitchen is nicely emptied. *completed*+$5

Writing/Blogging. Three blog posts- Two Friday Favorites posts because I had to combine weeks and No buy update. +$6

Art. I did some drawing with a young friend this week, she just may get me back into it. It felt nice to just play with colors and relax, I wish I had taken a picture but I ended up giving her mine and she gave me hers to keep. It wasn't an extremely elaborate piece so I will award myself half since it wasn't as time consuming. +$2.50

Reading. The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. +$6 

Empties. None this week.

Self Control. I did not go over my allotted spending this week.

Makeup Account this week: $19.50

Makeup Account Total: $61.18

Goals Week 9 (April 28-May 4)

Goal 1: Do at least one contest look, a face of the day and a review.

Goal 2: Start an intern application and a volunteer application, as well as work on back paperwork.

I've been slacking lately on everything the past week and half so this week is time to get back on track a bit!


  1. What did you think about The Casual Vacancy?? I've heard mixed reviews, so another opinion doesn't hurt haha. ALSO you should upload and post your sketches here once in a while, I'd love to see!

    You are totally still disciplined, because that much spending over 8 weeks is nothing compared to how much we used to spend before starting this project, I'm sure. So glad you got all the LE color tats...I managed to score only 2 today and can't find the others. You're welcome for the Reddit tip! It's where I destash & swap things to get what I want and still not spend much money :D

    1. True! The amount I have spent in the last 3 months is easily what I could have spent in one month before. :-) It's a bit hard because shopping is definitely my coping mechanism for when life is difficult so I am learning, haha. It has also helped me distinguish between things I want because I can't have it all anymore. :-P And SHOULDN'T, you know?

      Casual Vacancy is very interesting, if you can put aside the fact it was written by the same author as harry potter you'll probably find it a good read. I have to admit, the way she writes these characters makes me truly dislike them, they seem real, but at the same time you hate to think these could be real people they're just so yuck. LOL.