Friday, April 12, 2013

Project No Buy Week 7

Week Seven (4/3-4/10)


I didn't purchase anything with my own money this week. However, for Easter my grandparents gave me money to buy the lippies from the MAC Fashion Sets collection that came out last week. Since it was a gift it doesn't count towards my purchases.

Purchase total: $0

Money in Makeup Bank before purchases: $88.40

Money after purchases: $88.40

Week Six Goals

Goal 1: Two makeup looks posted. *fail* +$0
Goal 2: Spring cleaning. It feels really good to get rid of tons of old papers and junk. My Dad always says, an empty surface it's just calling to acquire junk. LOL.  *completed* +$5

Writing/Blogging. I did two posts this week. +$4

Art. Nothing.

Reading. Read Beautiful Chaos. +6 Dream Dark. +2 Beautiful Redemption. +6

Empties. My Philosophy face wash and my Jack Black lip balm. My first two empties. Thank goodness Sephora's sale is coming up this week! +$2

Self Control. I did splurge a little on the MAC fashion sets collection but since my Grandparents gave me the money for Easter to buy them it falls under the present/gift category. At first I felt a little guilty but since it was a present it doesn't count. :-)

Makeup Account this week: +$25
Makeup Account Total: +$88.40 +$25= $113.40

Goals Week 7 (April 11-17)

Goal 1: Two more posted looks plus two more blog posts.
Goal 2: More Spring cleaning, eesh.


  1. You have SO much more self-control than I think I will. I'm starting this up now myself so I'll post Week 1 this Sunday. After my Chic Week Hauls so they don't count LOL

    1. Haha, in the beginning I thought I was going to die and flail around like a fish on land, but it got easier the more time went by. I'm halfway through and I think I have hit the wall...I want to buy everything! Well I'm being majorly tempted this week, but so far I'm doing OK, I just keep reminding myself how far I've come. Chic week is killing me, I haven't bought anything yet, but I know I am going to end up spending all my earned money this week, LOL. GOOD LUCK!!

    2. Well you've saved up enough to spend a little bit during Chic Week! Just keep in mind that most of the brands at Sephora have their own sales for 20% off (Ie. UD and Bobbi Brown do 20% off friends&family sales) so you can avoid spending money on their products and only buy things you can only get at Sephora instead. That helped me figure out what to keep and what to return xD

    3. That's true :-) I always end up spending at Sephora because I like getting points...though I never use them and they just keep collecting, haha. Funny thing, I actually don't want too much from chic week...there's stuff from other places I'v been contemplating spending on...these are the types of things the no-buy makes you think about, it's a good thing I think, normally I'd just BUY! hah. I just hope I can keep making better decisions one it's "technically" over. :-P