Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Project No Buy Week 6

March  27-April 3

So I have a hard time updating my weeks on Sunday because usually we do something with the family on the weekends. Wednesday work better and I find myself writing then generally. This last week has been a good week for makeup it seems. I finally captured a couple looks!


After five long weeks I did break down and buy something! I am proud of myself for making it an entire month without a single purchase. What did I buy? Victorian Disco Cosmetics was having an Easter sale, plus a free shadow if you spent over $10. The free shadow was so gorgeous I broke down and placed an order. It was a small order, which is another victory for me, usually I have to buy the entire collection. I bought 2 mini jars from her re-vamped Sailor Scout collection and 2 mini jars from her new Interwebz collection, plus the color of the month.

Purchase total: $14.60

Money in Makeup Bank before purchases: $71.00

Money after purchases: $62.40

Week Six Goals

Goal 1: Two makeup looks posted. *completed* +$5
Goal 2: Exercises and vitamins. *completed*+$5

Writing/Blogging. I did three posts this week. +$6

Art. Nothing.

Reading. I read Warm Bodies. I really recommend this book, it is very well written and quite intrigue. I'm not a total Zombie nut like some people, but I loved this book! +$4. Read Beautiful Darkness. I am liking this series a lot. +$6

Empties. None. $0

Self Control. I did not go over my earned money.

Makeup Account this week: +$26
Makeup Account Total: +$88.40

Goals Week 7 (April 4-10)

Goal 1: Two more posted looks plus two more blog posts.
Goal 2: Spring cleaning; cleaning out my office hutch and shelves.


  1. You should tag these posts or label them with Project No Buy so new subscribers can stalk backwards to previous No Buy posts without much hassle :)

    But YAY you are a fellow Victorian Disco Cosmetics lover!! I too was tempted by the Easter promo BUT I was out of town that weekend and tried to distract myself and not think about going online to buy. I sooo would have if I was on my laptop more.

    Your no-buy is going great though! G'job

    1. Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out how this whole blog works, haha, I haven't been able to figure out how to tag things(I think I am just missing something oh so obvious, LOL).

      Yes I love Ashley and VDC! I finally broke down and purchased something on easter, the color was just too pretty to turn down.

    2. Yep it was something super simple I was missing, haha, oh how I love google search, now I can tag my posts!

    3. Woops I'm so sorry I didn't respond earlier and explain how to label things...I have yet to figure out if there's an actual way I can track when somebody replies to a comment I make. Wordpress makes it so simple and it's one of the things blogspot is SERIOUSLY lacking!

      Yay tags!

    4. No problem! I have the same issue about figuring out how to find out if someone responds to a comment I post. After you mentioned we COULD tag posts(I was never sure if it was possible or not) I decided to google it and found the answer in two seconds...why I didn't think of that earlier I don't know! So thanks for the idea!